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What is Onbeschoft Distro?

Onbeschoft is a Distro, or distribution center. We are a platform. Everyone can make decisions for themselves. We will not restrict anyone from using the platform. So the only rule we have is that of strict anti-censorship and thus ultimate freedom of expression and freedom of speech.


The latter also means that if people choose to make a profit on the products they offer on our site, we will not stop them in this. Anarchism is a broad term and we respect diversity in tactics. We also understand why people want to choose this, since survival in this neoliberal system can be very difficult and not everyone can afford to offer products or services on a donation basis.



At the moment we have a space available on the ground floor of the Vrij Parkeren Leiden squat, in Leiden, The Netherlands. We already have a black and white printer available and you can have things printed with us via the site on donation. You are also free to post things on our blog (email us for blog writing rights). on top of that, we want to expand later with more events, workshops and a library, but also by making other creative means available. If you want to contribute to this or want to set up something yourself, be welcome and e-mail us!


Apart from these things, we hope to become a platform for freelancers who want to offer their products and services. As freelancers, we are stronger together and who knows, maybe Onbeschoft will grow into a trade union or cooperative later on.


At the moment Onbeschoft, except for two events that were organized earlier in 2022, is exclusively a digital platform.

The people who organized the 'on foots' in public space are taking a winter break but will most likely continue organizing them in the spring.

The physical space, which we ultimately also want to make available to those who need it, is still being renovated. As soon as it is ready we will update this page.

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