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Custom stencil

Custom stencil

If you want a custom stencil, please send an email to after your order with your order information (such as address) and the design you want printed as a stencil.


If you are able to do so, we ask that you provide the design stencil-ready. That means the image is black and white and there are no pieces of stencil "floating" around in the image (so make sure everything is connected!). If you are not able to do this, that's okay, but it may take longer for your stencil to be finished, and it may look a bit different due to having to make connections in the image.


Please note that printing more intricate designs or thicker/larger stencils may take longer to make and therefore ship. Designs with small holes can also become clogged after a few uses - do not use chemicals to clean this as this can dissolve the stencil and create hazardous fumes. You can punch out the holes with a needle or nail.

All money that can be made from this product will be used to make stencils (or other 3D printed things), such as buying/building a machine that can recycle plastic (bottles), improve the speed of the 3D printer, etc.

  • Shipping

    We would like to ask you, if you are able, to pay any costs for delivery. Fortunately, stencils are generally quite light and a stamp or two is often enough. Below is a table for the costs per gram of PostNL. With custom stencils the weight will differ; this will be communicated over mail.

    If you want to pick up the product, please fill this in with the order and contact

    0-20g (1x +- 15x15cm, 0.6mm) = 1.01

    20-50g (1x +-20x20cm, 0.6mm) = 2.02

    50-100g = 3.03

    100-350g = 4.04

    350-2000g = 4.15

Excluding Sales Tax
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