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Want to spray paint cool designs, but don't want to spend hours cutting vinyl or cardboard? We can 3D print a stencil for you!


Please note that printing more intricate designs or thicker/larger stencils may take longer to make and therefore ship. Designs with small holes can also become clogged after a few uses - do not use chemicals to clean this as this can dissolve the stencil and create hazardous fumes. You can punch out the holes with a needle or nail.


All money that can be made from this product will be used to make stencils (or other 3D printed things), such as buying/building a machine that can recycle plastic (bottles), improve the speed of the 3D printer, etc.

  • Shipping

    We would like to ask you, if you are able, to pay any costs for delivery. Fortunately, stencils are generally quite light and a stamp or two is often enough. Below is a table for the costs per gram of PostNL.

    If you want to pick up the product, please fill this in with the order and contact

    0-20g (1x +- 15x15cm, 0.6mm) = 1.01

    20-50g (1x +-20x20cm, 0.6mm) = 2.02

    50-100g = 3.03

    100-350g = 4.04

    350-2000g = 4.15

Excluding Sales Tax
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